2008 Edition - Bahia

As the next host of the event, Bahia had a prominent place in BNTM / 2007, in Recife. The State participated with six institutional stands which gave special attention to buyers through actions implemented by National and International Relations boards from Bahiatursa. The state also promoted the closing event, the "Bahia Night" with a concert of Cortejo Afro, when national and international operators were able to learn a bit of Bahian culture, in a preview of BNTM / 2008.

Following the trend that has been observed, it is expected that in BNTM / 2008, the business volume will grow further, reaching a level of about $ 140 million. The expectation is that there is a maintenance or even an increase in the number of buyers and suppliers present at the event. Several companies and institutions that participated in the BNTM / 2007 already contacted the Foundation CTI / NE demonstrating the interest to be present in the next edition of that stock exchange, which according to expectations, will house about 250 booths and be a great event visibiblity inside and outside Brazil.

Gradually the Bahia Convention Centre in Salvador is emptying. Night starts to arrive and the temperature in Salvador is 28 C. Another edition of the Brazilian National Tourist Mart (BNTM), attended by 420 buyers and 226 suppliers companies, comes to an end.