2009 Edition - Ceará

In addition to business meetings, official institutions have in their booths, destinations and tourism products. In its eighteenth edition, this BNTM was held in CEARÁ CONVENTION CENTER, from 23 to 26 April 2009. On the occasion of its official opening on April 23rd, held at La Maison Dunes Coliseum.

In its 18th edition, this BNTM, continued with its great splendor and innovation, with a unique space for the Northeast artisans, through the Program of Development of Artisanal Production Associate of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and support from Sebrae, each northeastern state, with the participation of the nine states of the Northeast region, which brightens the BNTM / 2009 Business stock exchange . The Artisanal Production Program Associate of Tourism, received the nine Northeastern states, with quality shops, Design and Marketing, and Business Management, having trained 1,809 artisans in 38 municipalities of the nine northeastern states.