2013 Edition - Bahia

The objective of the Event Brazil National Tourism Mart - BNTM - 2013, created in 1992, through the initiative of the Fundação CTI-NE (Northeast Integrated Tourism Comission Foudation) is to bring together the national touristic trade - hoteliers, travel agents, international carriers that operate in the main touristic markets for Brazil, aiming the touristic flow in the country, especially in the northeastern region. Another goal has been to maintain at national or domestic environment this same exchange in regard to Brazilian operators.

This important annual meeting is always held in the capital of a northeastern state, and this year will take place simultaneously with the II Bahian Tourism Saloon, which un this edition, duting four days, will be transformed into the "Capital of Opportunities" in terms of business related to inbound tourism in Brazil. In this year of 2013, the BNTM will be held in Salvador-BA, from the 10th to the 14th of April, in the Salvador Convention Center.

During this same period the Tourism Fair from ABAV-Ba will take place, another simultaneous event ensuring the institutional area a very large movement of institutional Brazilian demand, emphatically the Bahian demand. The credibiluty and success of the BNTM event is due to the strict criteria of selection and qualification of its participants: Buyers (invited international buyers, besides the national ones) and Suppliers (northeastern suppliers pole), that hold meetings, discovering new opportunities and conducting important commercial partnerships.