The Northeast


The northeast of Brazil is one of the most promising regions in the country. It´s not only the beaches, the culture, the food, or the receptivity of the people that have been attracting attention in recent times: the consolidation of a consumer public and the arrival of both national and international investments have been turning the environment, already beautiful by nature, also favorable for business.

With a GDP superior to some Latin American countries and undeniable vocation for tourism, the northeast region of Brazil has been gorwing at a fast pace. According to a Annual Research of Tourism Economic Conjuncture (Pacet) 2013 fo the Ministry of Tourism, thid region showed the largest expansion in activities related to the sector. Among the tourism operators, 51% registered a demand growth to some national destination, 81% of wich mentioned northeastern cities.

Currently, the northeast is already also responsible for the production of 14% of everything that is consumed in the country, starting to stand out in sectors such as creative economy, technology, sustainable energies, and health. And this evolution trend should be perpetuated through the next years. A sign that natural beauties and business have never been so close.